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What It Means To Be A Firefighter

The Firefighter is responsible for both the suppression of fires and response to such fire-related incidents. The Firefighter performs duties ranging from the control of fires, response to emergency situations and special incidents such as those involving hazardous materials, and catastrophic events, Rescues and Medical Emergencies. The Firefighter reports directly to an Officer.


Minimum Requirements

Under general supervision. The employee is familiar with the work routine and uses initiative in carrying out recurring assignments independently. The supervisor provides additional, specific instruction for new, difficult or unusual assignments, including suggested work methods. The employee refers unusual situations to the supervisor for advice and further instructions.

The work requires examining, analyzing and evaluating facts and circumstances surrounding individual problems, situations or transactions, and determining actions to be taken within the limits of standard or accepted practices. Guidelines include a large body of policies, practices, regulations and precedents which may be complex. Judgment is used in analyzing specific situations to determine appropriate actions. Requires understanding, interpreting and applying federal, state and local regulations.

Relationships are primarily with co-workers, vendors and the public involving frequent explanation, discussion or interpretation of practices, procedures, regulations or guidelines in order to render service, plan or coordinate work efforts, or resolve operating problems. Other regular contacts are with service recipients and employees of outside organizations. More than ordinary courtesy, tact and diplomacy may be required to resolve complaints or deal with hostile, uncooperative or uninformed persons.

Employee has regular access at the departmental level to a wide variety of confidential information, including personnel records and medical records.

High School diploma; or any equivalent combination of education, training, certification, and experience.

Class D Motor Vehicle License.

Must obtain and maintain CPR and Fire Responder or EMT certifications.

Knowledge: Must be able to read and write the English language.

Abilities: Ability to interact positively with superiors, fellow firefighters, and other staff, as well as remain focused and capable during emergency situations. Ability to communicate effectively verbally. Ability to be effective under conditions which create emotional and physical stress. Ability to apply standard firefighting and emergency aid techniques to specific situations. Ability to perform arduous tasks requiring physical endurance and agility under adverse conditions. Ability to repair various equipment is helpful.

Skills: Good communication skills.

The nature of duties may involve continuous presence of unpleasant or irritating elements, such as considerable noise, odors, chemical fumes, dust, smoke, heat, cold, oil, dirt or grease. Work may be continually performed outdoors, regardless of weather conditions. May be under prolonged pressure during emergency situations. Proper personal protective equipment minimizes this.

Physical Skills

Work requires moderate intermittent physical strength and effort daily, such as, lifting heavy objects, carrying the object(s) and stacking them or placing them in a vehicle or storage area. In addition, pulling, pushing, standing or walking for the full work day may also be involved. A great deal of physical effort must be exerted at this level.

Motor Skills

Essential functions involve close hand and eye coordination and physical dexterity. Manipulation and motor control under conditions which may require extreme accuracy.

Visual Skills

Visual demands require routinely reading documents for general understanding and analytical purposes.

Candidates must live within a reasonable distance of Pelham Fire Department

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